M.A. Industries Headquarters

Quality Products

M.A. Industries currently holds 27 patents and counting; we recognize that we must invest in our future through creative research into new products and new processes that focus on adding value to our customers. Our engineering department has 3D modeling and computer simulation capabilities that integrate with our fully equipped, CAM controlled machine shop. These capabilities allow us to quickly respond to customer requests and rapidly provide innovative solutions to customer problems. Ideas go from the drawing board to functioning parts in hours.

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Bob Sherman

Creative Research

Our engineering department has a creative multiple disciplined staff capable of developing unique solutions for our customers and our laboratory has the capabilities to assist in optimization before offering the solution to our customer.

One key to M.A. Industries' success over the years is the M.A. laboratory. Through this in-house facility, M.A. conducts comprehensive testing and analysis and provides full quality control on all incoming raw materials. Statistical Quality Control techniques are utilized to deliver ongoing product quality assurance.